How To Unlock iPhone 4S Devices

step by step help for the iPhone 4S unlocking process

How To Unlock iPhone 4S Devices - step by step help for the iPhone 4S unlocking process

How To Unlock iPhone 4s

How to Unlock iPhone 4s

how to unlock iphone 4s

If you’re interested in jail breaking your iPhone 4s, you need to know that it’s now easier than ever before. Because today’s hottest, state-of-the-art unlocking software programs make it possible to safely and reliably unlock these addictive Apple devices, without any downside, there’s really no reason to hold back from taking the plunge and unlocking your own iPhone 4s today. To help you learn about the benefits of unlocking, plus the easiest way to make it happen, we’ve compiled a practical quick guide. When you peruse our expert advice, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not jail breaking is actually right for you.

Benefits of Unlocking

There are plenty of fun features and benefits that you may access when you unlock your iPhone 4s, as long as you do it correctly. In order to help you understand the key benefits of this affordable and sensible procedure, let’s detail some important advantages…

Carrier Freedom Will be at Your Fingertips

Instead of being stuck with one carrier network, you’ll have the power to change your carrier network whenever you wish. This key advantage may help to make the cost of running your iPhone 4s much more affordable. Because you won’t be locked in anymore, you’ll also have more control over your contract. So, why not free yourself from Apple’s rules, while also gaining the ability to select the carrier network that is really right for you?

Once you’re unlocked, simply switch carriers by changing your settings. It’s so easy


You’ll Unlock Personalization Features

In addition to opening up possibilities with regard to carrier networks, you’ll also unlock personalization features which make it more fun to use your iPhone 4s. Examples of personalization features that you may enjoy once you break free of factory default settings for iPhone 4s include custom icons for home screens and wallpapers for use on home screens. If you’re tired of Apple’s dreary home screen look and you want to make your smart phone a stronger reflection of who you really are, you should definitely consider jail breaking your device. Because you’ll be able to add so much personality to your electronic toy, there’s just no disadvantage to downloading high-quality unlocking software today. Whenever you feel the urge, you’ll be able to adjust your icons and background.

Toggle and Task Switch with Amazing Ease

If you want to access quicker toggling speed while using your iPhone 4s, you’ll be able to get what you want when you unlock. In addition, you’ll also access task switching capacity that is far beyond what is currently possible with your Apple default settings. Because faster toggling will give you the ability to switch between your cellular data network and Wi-Fi, it’s a great way to get more out of your iPhone 4s.

Enjoy SMS Quick Reply

Do you enjoy using applications while you’re playing with your iPhone 4s. If so, you should know that jail breaking is the best way to handle SMS text messages that come in while you’re utilizing apps. Instead of needing to exit apps in order to answer messages, you’ll be able to use an SMS quick reply interface that makes it possible to text while still being inside of an app. Since apps are so fun and addictive, this new feature is very useful and valuable.

Access Awesome Third-party Apps

For many people, the ability to access third-party applications which are currently forbidden under Apple’s restrictions is the real reason that they unlock. After all, currently, when you operate according to Apple’s guidelines, you just can’t enjoy apps that aren’t authorized and sold through the company’s official App Store.  When you jail break, you’ll be able to enjoy any applications that you want, and you’ll never feel frustrated again. In other words, whichever apps are hot and happening, will be readily available.

Unlocking and Jailbreaking is a Simple, 3-step Process

These days, when you know how to find the right software program for unlocking an iPhone 4s, you’ll be able to access high-calibre software that you may use risk-free. When you choose one of these highly-rated programs, you’ll be able to unlock with total ease.

Be warned though, there are some sketchy jailbreaking and unlocking services out there. If you choose the wrong one they could damage your iPhone.
We only recommend using The Jailbreak Shop as your provider, since they are safe, trusted, and provide great results every single time. Visit Them Here
unlock iphone 4s

  • 1) The first part of the process happens when you download your preferred jailbreaking software program. At this stage, you’ll enter your phone style and phone number, and then be given a particular program that is customized for your needs.
  • Secondly, you’ll hook up your iPhone 4s to your personal computer, via a USB. At this stage, the software program will begin to interact with your phone, and the jailbreak will begin. It’s so easy to set up the jail breaking process. Because the best unlocking programs are a breeze to use, it all happens in minutes.
  • During the last phase, the jail break becomes complete. Once your phone is unlocked, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a fully jail broken device which features the ultimate in functionality and personalization features (not to mention carrier network freedom).
  • Now that you know more about how to unlock an iPhone 4s, as well as the benefits of doing so, you’ll be ready to decide if jail breaking is the way to go.


    How to Jailbreak iOS 7 – Secret

    Discover the Secret of How to Jailbreak iOS 7


    Are you thinking about jail breaking your iOS 7? If you are, you need to know that there are some excellent ways to make it happen. Typically, the easiest and most dependable way to unlock an iOS 7 smart phone will be downloading jail breaking software. Within this category, there are integrated solutions or self-directed processes.
    If you think that you can handle the basic process without any assistance, the self-directed method may be the simplest and most rapid way of jail breaking your iPhone.
    In order to help you learn the basics of unlocking all by yourself, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

    Jailbreaking IOS 7 is More Than Cool

    Jailbreaking IOS 7 Secret

    Familiarize Yourself with your Software and Hardware

    You’re running Apple’s latest version of IOS, so you’ll need to find specialized software that works for this type of hardware. In addition, you will need to know which physical hardware baseband1 your smart phone is operating under. You can find this out by looking at the home screen, then visiting “open settings”, then checking under “general”, and finally, looking at “about”.
    The home screen will demonstrate the existing software/baseband version that your phone uses.

    Comparison-shop for the Right Software Program

    In order to make the most of your iPhone unlocking experience, you’ll need to select the perfect software program. These days, the best unlocking software will have an excellent online reputation, so be sure to choose a program that performs for other, real-life customers. This type of software will usually be quite affordable.
    Comparison-shop for high-quality programs that aren’t too expensive and also have a guarantee2. You should be provided with every assurance that your iPhone can be safely and reliably unlocked via the software program in question. If you find this type of program, you should be very safe while unlocking your iPhone IOS 7.

    Unlocking Takes Just a Few Simple Steps

    Jailbreak IOS 7

    The first step is choosing the software program and then ensuring that it is designed to unlock your iPhone IOS 7. When you’ve completed step one, it’s time to hook your iPhone up to a personal computer via a USB. Once this step is complete, your personal computer smart phone and unlocking software will all interact. Once the software is operational, it will communicate effectively with your hardware, and step three will begin. During this phase, your phone will be jail broken.
    To complete the process, it’s recommended that you back up your device (step four) after the unlocking process is finished. This way, you won’t lose any important information. You may perform this process using iTunes.
    As you can see, it’s really not hard to perform a jail breaking process for the IOS 7. When you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the very latest third-party applications (which were formerly forbidden under Apple’s rules), while also accessing personalization features which are truly second to none. For example, you’ll be able to enjoy custom icons and wallpaper3.
    One other important benefit of unlocking is the way that is will give you the freedom to choose your own network carrier.
    Now that you understand how to unlock your iPhone device, as well as the benefits of doing so, you’ll be ready to choose a program that really works for you. Before selecting your preferred unlocking software package, check customer reviews, and also work with a reputable online dealer. By doing a little homework and research, you’ll have every chance of enjoying a successful and smooth jail break.
    Now that you know more about this process and how it works, you’ll be ready to decide if jail breaking your IOS 7 is really the right decision. If you do make the choice to unlock, you’ll find that your iPhone user experience is better than it’s ever been before. In other words, by taking the plunge and downloading high-quality unlocking software via the World Wide Web, you won’t be taking a risk, and you’ll get so much in return.

    How To Jailbreak IOS 7
    Make the most of your iPhone by breaking free of Apple’s restrictions and regulations. With the power of today’s hottest jail breaking programs, you’ll be able to enjoy superlative unlocking that will never, ever damage your iPhone. So, why not try it today? You’ll be so glad that you did.

    How To Jailbreak iOS 7

    How to Unlock iPhone 5 – Guide

    How to Unlock iPhone 5 – Guide


    If you’re the owner of an iPhone 5, you should know that there is a way to get more out of your addictive electronic toy. The secret of enhanced functionality (which includes access to third-party applications and personalization features) lies in accessing the perfect unlocking program for your needs.
    In order to help you learn which types of programs are most effective and exactly how to unlock iPhone 5 using this type of software, we’ve created a practical (and detailed) quick guide.
    Now, let’s talk in more depth about the specific advantages of jail breaking an iPhone 51

    Benefits of Unlocking iPhone 5

    Unlock the  iphone 5

    Gaining access to carrier network freedom is one of the key advantages of unlocking an iPhone 5. If you are interested in having complete control over which carrier network you use (in contrast to your current situation), you’ll find that jail breaking is the best way to get the freedom that you’re after. In fact, the benefit of total carrier freedom is one of the primary reasons why people do decide to unlock their iPhone 5 devices.
    Aside from carrier network freedom, there are other important advantages to choosing unlocking software for your iPhone 5. For example, you may access fast toggles and task switching which make changeovers from network connectivity to Wi-Fi a total breeze.

    More Benefits For You

    But the benefits of jail breaking your Apple device don’t stop there. In addition to carrier network freedom and toggle speed2 increases/task switch improvements, you’ll be able to download formerly-forbidden applications from anywhere that you want, whenever you want. In the past, you were stuck with Apple’s default settings, which dictated that all apps used on your iPhone must be authorized by the company and then purchased via Apple’s own iPhone App Store.

    And There’s More

    iPhone 5 Unlocking

    Lastly, you’ll be able to make the most of your iPhone 5’s appearance when you unlock. Because it’s possible to tweak the look of your home screen when you unlock, you’ll be able to add custom icons, wallpaper and other fun designs to your iPhone, and you’ll never be stuck with Apple’s boring home screen design again.
    Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of unlocking, let’s discuss the best way to make it happen…

    Unlocking is Simple and Straightforward

    As long as you select truly effective jail breaking software from a quality online retailer, you should be able to unlock your device in just four easy steps. The first step is selecting appropriate jail breaking software that is customized for your iPhone type. When you utilize this form of software, you’ll get a perfect match which ensures a smooth and seamless unlocking experience.
    You may need to offer up a little information in order to get the right unlocking program for your needs. For example, you will need to know your phone style (and enter your phone number) before being given a particular program that is customized for your requirements.
    After choosing the perfect program, you’ll be ready for step two, which is connecting your iPhone 5 to your personal computer and then downloading the software via USB. Step two makes it possible for all of your hardware to interact and communicate.
    During step three, the actual jailbreak takes place. This doesn’t take long, and technical support is available from the best software suppliers if it’s needed. Good software programs of this type tend to work exceptionally well for most users, without requiring technical support. However, it’s there when needed, as long as you choose a high-quality program.
    After the jail break is complete, it’s time to back up your iPhone in order to ensure that it doesn’t lose its new information. You can back up your iPhone in iTunes.

    The iPhone 5 Unlock Guide Now that you know the benefits of jail breaking your iPhone 5, as well as the best way to perform a safe and smooth unlocking procedure, you’ll be ready to enjoy the very best jail breaking experience. Today’s hottest software programs are very affordable , and they are designed to make using an iPhone more pleasurable. From the freedom of network carrier service to the ability to download third-party apps to enhanced personalization features, the process of unlocking is truly superlative.
    By downloading a great jail breaking program today, you’ll be ready to make the most of your trendy3 Apple device, without any downside.

    How To Unlock iPhone 3 + 3gs

    How to Unlock iPhone 3g and 3gs

    unlock iphone 3gs

    If you’re an iPhone 3g owner, you already know just how diverting and addictive your exciting piece of Apple technology really is. However, iPhone 3g/3gs devices do have their limitations, primarily due to Apple’s restrictive default settings and user regulations.

    For example, when you own an iPhone 3g/3gs, you can’t access “forbidden”, third-party applications. Nor can you personalize your device by adding custom icons, wallpaper and other fun (digital) decorations.

    In order to access these forbidden apps and personalization features, you will need to make a choice. When you decide to unlock your piece of Apple hardware, you’ll be free to use your smart phone any way that you see fit, without worrying about the restrictions which are currently imposed by Apple’s powers-that-be. This is why so many people do choose to “jailbreak” their devices.

    If you’re ready to break away from Apple’s Draconian rules, you’re certainly not alone. These days, more and more men, women and teens are making this important choice. To help you learn the benefits of jailbreaking, as well as the ropes of unlocking (which may be done legally), we’ve created a practical quick guide…

    Discover the Specific Advantages of Unlocking

    By jailbreaking your iPhone, you’ll be ready to unlock a host of benefits. To help you understand what’s in it for you, allow us to detail some of the particular advantages that you will access when you choose to unlock.

    Faster Toggles and Task Switching

    Faster toggles and task switching are key advantages of unlocking a typical iPhone. In fact, when you choose to unlock your 3g or 3gs, you’ll access functionality that is on a par with the current iPhone 4. By accessing very fast toggling, you may switch between utilizing your cellular data network or Wi-Fi, no matter where you happen to be. Toggling your Web connection is the secret of grabbing Wi-Fi connectivity in no time flat.

    Appearance Features for a Custom Look

    Without jail breaking, you’ll never be able to implement visual themes, alter background images or change data that is currently shown on your home screen. When you do unlock, all of these appearance features will be at your fingertips.

    SMS Quick Reply

    If you’re often utilizing applications while SMS text messages are delivered to you, you likely already know how annoying it is to stop your app and answer the text. When you unlock, you’ll access an SMS quick reply service which allows you to respond to the text without exiting your existing application.

    This is obviously a big improvement, so why not jailbreak today?

    Carrier Unlocks are also Highly Useful

    When it comes to accessing truly practical benefits for your iPhone 3g or 3gs, unlocking is the right decision. By jail breaking today, you’ll be able to “carrier unlock” your smart phone, which means that you’ll then have the power to utilize your device on your preferred carrier network.

    Master the Fundamentals of Unlocking

    There are an assortment of ways to unlock 3g and 3gs iPhones. However, the simplest and most straightforward way to do it is to utilize professional software that is proven to work safely. In other words, you will need to select a customized software program of the highest calibre. Usually, these types of programs are quite inexpensive.

    The best software of this sort will come with an unlocking guarantee, and it will have a great reputation online. So, before deciding on a program, make certain that it has all of the bells and whistles.

    Three Steps to a Successful Jailbreak

    Step one begins with downloading your preferred unlocking software program. To find the right programs, simply enter your phone number and related data into the system. After doing this, you may choose the right software for your app.

    Step two happens when you connect your iPhone to your personal computer. The software then has the capacity to communicate between these two types of hardware. You will connect your smart phone via a USB device.

    Step three is the actual jail breaking of your iPhone. Within moments of being set up, the unlocking program will jail break your device. You’ll find that this software works flawlessly and rapidly. If you do have a question or concern, you will discover that your program comes with technical support, day or night. Simply contact a representative if you need help.

    As you can see, unlocking is a total breeze. So, why not try it today? Click Here To Download Now

    New Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 Solution: Step By Step Instructions

    In response to Apple’s recent release of updated iOS 6.1 firmware, a new popular software is confirmed to unlock iPhone 4S 6.1, click here to download.

    If you haven’t had the heart to upgrade your iOS firmware because of the inability to unlock it, you have to take another look at the newest and latest iPhone iOS 6.1 to change your mind. The leaner and smarter model is much more efficient in all aspects. Everything right from the processor to camera has been upgraded in iPhone 4S and Apple calls its best effort ever after the invention of iPhone. This iPhone 4S is under scrutinizing eyes as it has come out following the death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Steve Jobs is accepted as a great innovator and everyone wants to know how his dream project has been given life after his death. iPhone 4S is sold with carrier contracts and in many countries, the phone is already out of stock. Many features of iPhone are locked as usual and we will uncover them with firmware updates. One important change with iPhone 4S is the newest baseband that hasn’t been unlocked so far. There is good news for jailbreakers and unlockers because software solutions are already available to jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1.

    Can You Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 Firmware?

    iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking was once preferred by geeks as regular iPhone users were so timid to try out something farfetched on their phones. However, the jailbreak app store Cydia has brought about a change in the attitude of iPhone users. Everyone wanted to enjoy the features of iPhone fully and jailbreak apps were the right reason to jailbreak iPhone 4S. Once iPhone is jailbroken, iPhone 4S unlock can be downloaded and used. This freedom to enjoy cheap text rates and call rates by choosing cheap network operator attracted regular iPhone users to venture into the complex world of iPhone 4S unlocking. As a result, everyone wanted to know how to Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 and how to jailbreak it to enjoy all the benefits.

    The freeware tools are developed by hackers who are rather interested in cracking Apple’s proprietary iOS software code. They find pleasure when they are able to announce to the world that they have uncovered security loopholes. Every operating system has security vulnerabilities and finding these will only help the developers to build a much secure operating system. Many vulnerabilities are found in every version of iOS firmware, but not all of them can be used to develop jailbreak and unlock tools. So, hackers only release working versions of their tools to unlock specific firmware and baseband with iPhone.

    The momentum with respect to unlocking iPhone 4S is much slower because Apple has made it extremely harder to crack iOS 6 versions. Include the fact that iPhone 4S comes with a new baseband and you know that it is impossible to jailbreak and unlock the phone for free. Hackers and developers no longer have the time to work on free jailbreak tools. Moreover, Apple has also expressed its interest in hiring hackers for stress testing its operating system. As a result, work on free jailbreak and unlock of iPhones has slowed down and it is not possible to find a working free solution to unlock the iPhone 4S.

    How To Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 Properly

    If you want to use your iPhone 4S in the way you want, you have to find a reliable guide to help you in unlocking your iPhone 4S. The free tools already released won’t work for iPhone 4S and there is no point in trying to use those tools. The hackers world is completely silent about any possible information on jailbreaking and unlocking newer iPhone model. In fact, one of the hackers has tweeted pictures showing a jailbroken iPhone, but no news on any release date for his freeware tool is available. Experts speculate that free tools for iPhone 4S jailbreak and unlock won’t ever become available because no one is actually working on it. Hackers too are not generous enough to offer their hard work for free because they know that it is much harder to crack Apple’s new firmware and baseband.

    The best possible method to Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 is to use third party solution providers. Unlocking using IMEI numbers is highly riskier and many industry experts opine that it is entirely unsafe. Gevey SIM unlocking methods involve dialing emergency numbers for unlocking and this is even more unethical than you realize. Software method is the best way for unlocking your iPhone 4S and it is not hard if you know how to do it right.

    • Step 1: The best software to unlock your iPhone is AVAILABLE FROM HERE. Download and install the software on your desktop before beginning unlocking process.
    • Step 2: Follow the instructions on screen to begin jailbreaking the device. This step is essential to unlock your device. The same software will jailbreak and unlock your phone at once.
    • Step 3: Complete the jailbreak process by putting your phone in DFU mode. You should be getting a message that jailbreak process is complete.
    • Step 4: Continue using the software to unlock your device. Wait patiently until you get the message that your phone is unlocked.
    • Step 5: Insert a new SIM card and open iTunes to ensure that your phone is unlocked properly.

    Best Software To Unlock Your 4S iPhone Is Now Within Easy Reach

    When you purchase our recommended software to unlock your phone, you are essentially paying for the technical support you get from the software team. You can keep your iPhone 4S unlocked permanently as the software is updated for latest firmware and baseband. You will get lifetime free updates with the software after a single purchase. This means that as long as you own your iPhone 4S, you can keep it unlocked for lifetime. As this software doesn’t affect the phone in anyway, you can reverse the process by restoring your phone using iTunes and take to Apple if necessary. With third party unlocking software, anyone can unlock iPhones easily and the result is instant.

    Simple Steps To Unlock iPhone 4S Cell Phones

    iPhone users dream about legitimate solutions to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 4S because most of the methods described online don’t work as they are supposed to. The free unlocking tools such as Ultrasn0w are not developed for regular iPhone users and so, it is expected to have trouble while using the unlocking method. As free tools are always available ‘as is’, you can’t expect any sort of technical support or assistance from hackers. The only way to ensure that your unlocked iPhone 4S works flawlessly is to use a reliable method that will work under all circumstances.

    Can You Unlock iPhone 4S?

    can you unlock iphone 4sApple was vehemently against jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone stating that it will result in an unstable state that is not inherently supported by the company. In fact, Apple threatened iPhone users that legal action will be taken against those who use jailbreaking and unlocking. However, after DMCA is updated to declare jailbreaking to be legal, Apple couldn’t do anything to stop users from jailbreaking iPhones. The only thing the company did is work more relentlessly on iOS firmware to make jailbreaking difficult. The continued efforts of software developers made iOS firmware versions less vulnerable and it challenged the iPhone dev team. Apple too has taken a positive approach towards jailbreaking so that the company can identify security vulnerabilities that can be patched in the subsequent versions.

    Due to the availability of information on the internet, iPhone users started understanding that carrier contracts are not good enough. The pressure mounted on Apple and network operators and so, AT&T in the US came forward to unlock iPhones for customers with long standing contract. This means that official carrier unlocking can be obtained. In Canada too, Telus HSPA network agreed to unlock iPhones for loyal customers.

    Even though the network operators have come to terms with users wanting to unlock their iPhone 4S, the carriers don’t want to make the process easy. If you are a long standing customer satisfying at least 90 days of the contract period, you are eligible to ask the network operator to unlock your phone officially. Depending on the network operator, you may be required to pay a fee for this purpose. This unlocking will allow you to insert other unsupported SIM cards, but the service provider you are allowed to use in other countries may be dictated by the locked network carrier. Moreover, you have to convince the network operator representatives via chat or email to unlock your iPhone.

    How To Unlock iPhone 4S Devices Easily

    The easiest way to unlock iPhone is to use computer software that performs unlocking automatically. You don’t have to worry about flashing other baseband or carefully building ipsw firmware to update without upgrading baseband. The automatic software supports multiple firmware and baseband and the latest software version can unlock all previous firmware and basebands. When Apple pushes next iOS update, you only have to wait for a couple of days for the software to be updated and then, you can easily iPhone 4S Unlock Code on the current firmware and baseband.

    The iPhone 4S is the latest addition to the Apple’s iPhone series, and just like the iPhone 4 it has superseded the expectations of the telephony community as well as Apple product consumers. The iPhone 4S came with new impressive features, characteristic of iPhone product, upgrades and Siri could be the most innovative feature to come bundled up with the phone. The best phone in the world could still be better and the iPhone 4S still has a lot of room left for improvement. In particular, opting for the unlock iPhone 4S procedure frees up your SIM lock and allows you to get the most out of your phone.

    SIM interposer kits are also popular as unlock iPhone 4S unlocking methods. You have to insert your SIM card along with the interposer which will force baseband unlock to work with other network providers. For this unlocking method to work, you should always insert SIM card along with the interposer circuit. GSM and CDMA iPhone 4S can be unlocked on 2.0.10 baseband on iOS 5.1 using R-SIM III plug and play unlock method. It can also unlock 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14. This unlocking kit is designed for use with iOS 5.0 and 5.1.

    • Step 1: Purchase the software from our advertiser.
    • Step 2: Eject iPhone SIM tray and insert your unsupported SIM card along with the interposer.
    • Step 3: Wait for the unlocker kit to unlock the phone.
    • Step 4: If the unlocker doesn’t work right away, go to the settings and select your carrier and country properly. Keep waiting until you can find signal on the top left corner.
    • Step 5: Download Commcenter patch for iOS 5. Download and install iPhone 4S Network package from Cydia.
    • Step 6: Reboot iPhone 4S and ensure that it is unlocked for unsupported SIM card.

    This RSIM-III interposer can only unlock a handful of firmware and baseband. So, after unlocking, if you update firmware or baseband, you will lose your unlock. With interposer kits, unlocking iPhone 4S must be done over and over again for every reboot and every time your iPhone loses network connection continuously for a few minutes.

    Unlock iPhone 4S Using A Completely Reliable Computer Software

    The iPhone 4S is estimated to have generated 4 million sales within 3 days, after its release in October 2011. There was an even greater demand for an insight into the features and specifications of the phone, maybe to better understand how it could generate such great sales like it did. Here are some of the enhanced features which come bundled up with the iPhone 4S:

    • The iPhone 4S introduced iOS 5.
    • The phone operates on an A5 Processor.
    • The camera was upgraded to 8 Megapizels and face detection was introduced.
    • The phone supports data connectivity through UMTS, HSUPA, HSDPA, GSM, EDGE, CDMA and EV-Do.
    • Siri, Apple’s voice recognition service, also came with the iPhone 4S.
    • The phone also got a 64 GB internal memory upgrade, with 16 GB and 32 GB options available.
    • The phone comes with two antennas, which are used interchangeably to find the best signal.

    Using Automatic Software For iPhone 4S Unlocking

    Initially, all the iPhone 4S phones which were released into the market were locked. Later on factory unlocked iPhone 4S phones became available to the public, but those who had already bought the locked models could still not unlock their phones. This is because the phones were running on newer basebands which were unlock-able using the available unlocking software. Shortly after, new unlock software which could unlock iPhone 4S phones were introduced.

    Generally, free unlock software acquired online will require you to jailbreak your iPhone before you can carry out the unlock procedure. Jailbreaking your iPhone presents an endless possibility to customize your phone, but generally not everyone would want to jailbreak their phones. Getting your network carrier to unlock your iPhone would be the logical decision in this case. However, a number of iPhone users have complained that their network service carriers are not willing to unlock their phones until their contract concludes. Even after the contract ends, most network carriers would still be unwilling to unlock the phones. In this case, another option would be to opt for unlocking using SIM interposing kits.

    Getting Started With Unlock iPhone 4S Software Solutions

    When it comes to unlocking your phone, you will have to first pick a method which works best for you. The first option that is available for you is to go to your network service provider and ask them to unlock your phone. However, as we have discussed most network carriers would be unwilling to unlock your phone if you have not concluded your contract with them or they would simply want to keep you on well after the contract concludes by not unlocking your phone.

    Naturally, your best bet is to opt for software unlock. There are two types of software unlock methods available; you could opt for a free software unlock by downloading the unlock software for free online or you could opt for a computer based software unlock by buying an unlock software. Most people choose free unlock software, because of the simple fact that they are free. However, free unlock software come with the jailbreak recommendation. It also gets complicated keeping up with iOS updates when running your phone on a free software jailbreak. Even with an unlocked and jailbroken phone, iPhone users will still want to keep up with the latest iOS updates. Computer-based unlock software are often costly, but they are the best option because you are guaranteed jailbreak and unlock solutions by the seller.

    When choosing the best unlock iPhone 4S method, it all comes down to the iOS you are currently running on and whether or not you want to jailbreak your phone. Cost is also a factor, but it is best to choose a safe unlock method than a risky method which could end up reducing your phone to a paper weight.

    This is why we ONLY recommend one solution to our trusting readers, visit Unlock iPhone 4S Software Today!