How To Unlock iPhone 4S Devices

step by step help for the iPhone 4S unlocking process

How To Unlock iPhone 4S Devices - step by step help for the iPhone 4S unlocking process

New Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 Solution: Step By Step Instructions

In response to Apple’s recent release of updated iOS 6.1 firmware, a new popular software is confirmed to unlock iPhone 4S 6.1, click here to download.

If you haven’t had the heart to upgrade your iOS firmware because of the inability to unlock it, you have to take another look at the newest and latest iPhone iOS 6.1 to change your mind. The leaner and smarter model is much more efficient in all aspects. Everything right from the processor to camera has been upgraded in iPhone 4S and Apple calls its best effort ever after the invention of iPhone. This iPhone 4S is under scrutinizing eyes as it has come out following the death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Steve Jobs is accepted as a great innovator and everyone wants to know how his dream project has been given life after his death. iPhone 4S is sold with carrier contracts and in many countries, the phone is already out of stock. Many features of iPhone are locked as usual and we will uncover them with firmware updates. One important change with iPhone 4S is the newest baseband that hasn’t been unlocked so far. There is good news for jailbreakers and unlockers because software solutions are already available to jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1.

Can You Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 Firmware?

iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking was once preferred by geeks as regular iPhone users were so timid to try out something farfetched on their phones. However, the jailbreak app store Cydia has brought about a change in the attitude of iPhone users. Everyone wanted to enjoy the features of iPhone fully and jailbreak apps were the right reason to jailbreak iPhone 4S. Once iPhone is jailbroken, iPhone 4S unlock can be downloaded and used. This freedom to enjoy cheap text rates and call rates by choosing cheap network operator attracted regular iPhone users to venture into the complex world of iPhone 4S unlocking. As a result, everyone wanted to know how to Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 and how to jailbreak it to enjoy all the benefits.

The freeware tools are developed by hackers who are rather interested in cracking Apple’s proprietary iOS software code. They find pleasure when they are able to announce to the world that they have uncovered security loopholes. Every operating system has security vulnerabilities and finding these will only help the developers to build a much secure operating system. Many vulnerabilities are found in every version of iOS firmware, but not all of them can be used to develop jailbreak and unlock tools. So, hackers only release working versions of their tools to unlock specific firmware and baseband with iPhone.

The momentum with respect to unlocking iPhone 4S is much slower because Apple has made it extremely harder to crack iOS 6 versions. Include the fact that iPhone 4S comes with a new baseband and you know that it is impossible to jailbreak and unlock the phone for free. Hackers and developers no longer have the time to work on free jailbreak tools. Moreover, Apple has also expressed its interest in hiring hackers for stress testing its operating system. As a result, work on free jailbreak and unlock of iPhones has slowed down and it is not possible to find a working free solution to unlock the iPhone 4S.

How To Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 Properly

If you want to use your iPhone 4S in the way you want, you have to find a reliable guide to help you in unlocking your iPhone 4S. The free tools already released won’t work for iPhone 4S and there is no point in trying to use those tools. The hackers world is completely silent about any possible information on jailbreaking and unlocking newer iPhone model. In fact, one of the hackers has tweeted pictures showing a jailbroken iPhone, but no news on any release date for his freeware tool is available. Experts speculate that free tools for iPhone 4S jailbreak and unlock won’t ever become available because no one is actually working on it. Hackers too are not generous enough to offer their hard work for free because they know that it is much harder to crack Apple’s new firmware and baseband.

The best possible method to Unlock iPhone 4S 6.1 is to use third party solution providers. Unlocking using IMEI numbers is highly riskier and many industry experts opine that it is entirely unsafe. Gevey SIM unlocking methods involve dialing emergency numbers for unlocking and this is even more unethical than you realize. Software method is the best way for unlocking your iPhone 4S and it is not hard if you know how to do it right.

  • Step 1: The best software to unlock your iPhone is AVAILABLE FROM HERE. Download and install the software on your desktop before beginning unlocking process.
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions on screen to begin jailbreaking the device. This step is essential to unlock your device. The same software will jailbreak and unlock your phone at once.
  • Step 3: Complete the jailbreak process by putting your phone in DFU mode. You should be getting a message that jailbreak process is complete.
  • Step 4: Continue using the software to unlock your device. Wait patiently until you get the message that your phone is unlocked.
  • Step 5: Insert a new SIM card and open iTunes to ensure that your phone is unlocked properly.

Best Software To Unlock Your 4S iPhone Is Now Within Easy Reach

When you purchase our recommended software to unlock your phone, you are essentially paying for the technical support you get from the software team. You can keep your iPhone 4S unlocked permanently as the software is updated for latest firmware and baseband. You will get lifetime free updates with the software after a single purchase. This means that as long as you own your iPhone 4S, you can keep it unlocked for lifetime. As this software doesn’t affect the phone in anyway, you can reverse the process by restoring your phone using iTunes and take to Apple if necessary. With third party unlocking software, anyone can unlock iPhones easily and the result is instant.

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